69 Adams Street

Slotted-Z | 40,000 sqft

Streamlining Installation and Sustainable Construction with Slotted-Z

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Yeshiva Har Torah using slotted z with fiber reinforced polymer

69 Adams Street, located in the neighborhood of DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, represents advanced architectural and construction techniques that align with sustainability initiatives. This case study delves into the successful integration of Slotted-Z, a revolutionary thermally isolated cladding support system, in the construction of this 26-story residential building.

69 Adams Street is a 280-foot tall residential tower encompassing 258,200 square feet of rental units, ground floor retail spaces, and parking facilities. Embracing the architectural charm of Brooklyn, the architects at Fischer Rasmussen Whitefield Architects designed the façade to incorporate a combination of brick and aluminum composite panels. 

69 Adams Street using Slotted Z

The Slotted-Z cladding support system seamlessly integrated with the aluminum composite panels to provide a thermally efficient structural frame while giving an aesthetically pleasing finish. Slotted-Z, known for its strategically engineered design, facilitated a streamlined installation process. With 40,000+ square feet of Slotted-Z incorporated into the structure, the project aimed to optimize energy efficiency and reduce labor costs through simple installation.

The building utilized mineral wool insulation in conjunction with Slotted-Z, adhering to rainscreen principles and enhancing the building’s continuous insulation. The strategic placement of ROCKETSticks ensured proper air and moisture ventilation and insulation securement, safeguarding the structure from moisture, and promoting air flow.

69 Adams in Brooklyn using Slotted-Z
69 Adams Street using Slotted Z

Slotted-Z, known for its innovative design, played a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency at 69 Adams Street. By incorporating fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) technology, Slotted-Z created a thermal break within the building envelope, effectively minimizing heat transfer and improving insulation performance. This integration not only strengthened the structure’s energy efficiency, but also contributed to long-term cost savings and environmental sustainability.

One of the main features of Slotted-Z was its ability to save considerable time during installation. The clear and accessible installation instructions provided clear guidance, enabling the construction team to execute the project seamlessly. Tested and proven, Slotted-Z minimized downtime and enhanced project execution efficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings on labor.

69 Adams Street using Slotted Z

Beyond its efficiency benefits, Slotted-Z played a pivotal role in advancing the project’s sustainability agenda. By protecting the building from mold, rot, and degradation, Slotted-Z will contribute to the longevity of the structure, reducing the need for maintenance and repair over time. This aligns with the broader initiative to promote sustainable construction practices.

The use of Slotted-Z at 69 Adams Street represents the impact of innovative construction technologies and building design. By prioritizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, the project not only delivered an innovative residential complex but also, set a standard for future developments in DUMBO, Brooklyn.