Where clever engineering meets maximum design flexibility. We provide solutions in the form of thermally isolated cladding support systems. 

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CLADIATOR specializes in innovative cladding support systems like CL-300, and SLOTTED-Z offering continuous insulation and thermal efficiency for commercial buildings and architectural projects. Our products ensure secure insulation, efficient air and moisture ventilation, and adjustability. With thermally broken attachment systems, we eliminate thermal bridges, enhancing building envelopes while facilitating facade engineering.

For Architects & Engineers, it means limitless creativity with robust simplicity. For Installers, it means faster, more cost-effective solutions. Our universal systems achieve rainscreen principles and promote sustainability, achieving effective insulation and thermal efficiency in building design and construction. Trust CLADIATOR for cutting-edge solutions and continuous improvement in exterior design and construction techniques.

Our Products

CL-300, clip and rail, thermally isolated cladding support system


Adjustable. Engineered. Thermally Efficient.

The CL-300 supports various cladding materials, integrates thermal breaks, and streamlines installation with coplanar horizontal and vertical tracks to minimize thermal bridging, enhancing sustainability and energy efficiency.

Slotted-Z, z-girt, thermally isolated cladding support system


Simple. Secure. Slotted.

The Slotted-Z is a Fiberglass Z-Girt that accommodates continuous insulation applications while achieving true rainscreen principles. Our ROCKETStick® provides securement means for any and all types of insulation.

Slotted-Z thermally isolated cladding system demonstrating air and moisture ventilation. This appeals to rainscreen principles.

How it works

What is the Rainscreen Principle?

The rainscreen principle is an effective approach to building envelope design, incorporating an air gap space that allows for drainage and ventilation, preventing moisture from penetrating the building’s interior. Within this gap, exterior insulation is typically installed to ensure continuous insulation of the building.

CLADIATOR® supports the rainscreen principle by providing ample cavity space, enhanced moisture management, and optional patented insulation securement with our ROCKETStick. Our innovative technology minimizes penetrations to the water-resistant barrier, ensuring superior moisture protection. Choose CLADIATOR® for cutting-edge solutions and peace of mind in moisture management.

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What other experts say

“I am very impressed with Cladiator materials. The slotted zee is lightweight, easy to install and removes the necessity for stick pins. The slots allow for ventilation and drainage should moisture build or if system is rainscreen. Additionally, Cladiators has been instrumental in assisting our firm with the design phase of a very large complex project and found a solution to a problem we had with large spans between anchorage points in the main structure. Cladiators STS system easily overcame this problem and the project could move forward. In the future, Cladiators will be my “first stop” when I shop.”
Fred Slade

“We installed the CL-300 system in only 3 days, whereas with traditional installation, it would have taken 2 weeks. We are very impressed with the speed and simplicity of the system.”

Erick J. Prifiti
ALBCO INC Facade contractor for Jaguar Land Rover of Manhattan

“I’m impressed and I think that this product will soon become standard in the inudstry”

Stewart Jeske
Senior Glazing Systems Engineering, JEI Structural Engineering

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About us

CLADIATOR® is a manufacturer of thermally isolated structural cladding attachment systems. Our mission is to accelerate the advancement of smart building design & construction by providing unique and cleverly engineered systems.

For Architects & Engineers it means a simple yet robust solution where one core design offers the freedom of limitless creativity. For Installers, working with intuitive installation components means faster, more cost-effective, and ease-of-mind option(s) to complete projects on time.

Our universal systems offer improved thermal efficiencies while achieving rainscreen principles such as air & moisture ventilation with the use of long-lasting globally responsible materials. We remain dedicated and driven by our commitment to continuous improvement.

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